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Global South Arts & Health Week 2023

The inaugural GSAHW was led by established and emerging science, and arts professionals from Africa, Asia, and Latin America, to advance the research, education, and interdisciplinary practices at the nexus of culture and health.


22 – 30 September 2023


Cairo, Egypt



UN Affiliate

Global South Arts & Health Week (GSAHW) was a five-day convening in Alexandria and Cairo, Egypt, bringing together participants from over 20 countries to advance scientific research, education, and interdisciplinary practice at the crossroads of health and culture in the Global South. Community focused, the event included exhibitions, performances, cultural exchanges, and workshops, and was orchestrated by the Global Arts in Medicine Fellowship Project in collaboration with the Lab.

Opening Ceremony | Part 1

Kunle Adewale (Steering Committee Member, JAHL, and Curator & Global Development Lead for GSAHW) stated, “It is a reminder of how the arts can transcend borders and bring people together for collaboration and community well-being. Despite our cultural identity, ethnicity, sexuality, religious affiliation, and socioeconomic backgrounds, GSAHW is a celebration of the inventiveness of our diversity.”

Opening Ceremony | Part 2

Christopher Bailey (Arts & Health Lead, WHO, and Founder Co-Director, JAHL) said, "WHO is always particularly interested in supporting underserved communities around the world. Yet in the field of arts and health, although most in need, they often have the most to teach as well."

Opening Ceremony | Part 3


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Kunle Adewale speaking on the Global South Arts & Health Week Panel

Lab Co-Director, Dr. Nisha Sajnani, speaking at the inaugural Global South Arts & Health Week in Cairo, Egypt

Movement therapy at Global South Arts & Health Week 2023

Global South Arts & Health Week attendees.

Lab Co-Directors Christopher Bailey and Dr. Nisha Sajnani with Kunle Adewale and other GSAHW attendees.

Mosaic workshop at Global South Arts & Health Week 2023

Dance and motion therapy at Global South Arts & Health Week 2023

Dr. Nisha Sajnani presenting at Global South Arts & Health Week 2023.

Kunle Adewale with Lab Co-Director Dr. Nisha Sanjani and other attendees at Global South Arts & Health Week 2023


Kunle Adewale

Kunle Adewale

Curator & Global Development Lead, GSAHW


Christopher Bailey

Founding Co-director, Jameel Arts & Health Lab

CH11413440 croppedcolourised

Nisha Sajnani, PhD

Founding Co-Director, Jameel Arts & Health Lab

Prof Dr Hala Samir Eid Sweed

Prof. Dr. Hala Samir Eid Sweed

Faculty Vice For Society And The Environment, Ain Shams University

Prof Mona Rakhawy

Prof. Mona Rakhawy

Professor of Psychiatry, Cairo University