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Creative Brain Week 2024

By bringing together leading scientists, health practitioners, and researchers in lively discussion and debate, Creative Brain Week was designed to strengthen and propagate the significance of the arts on health and wellbeing.


4 – 9 March 2024


Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

Project Organiser


UN Affiliate

The Lab was proud to partner with Creative Brain Week 2024 – a series of online and in-person events which explored and celebrated how brain science and creativity collide to seed new ideas in social development, technology, entrepreneurship, wellbeing, and physical, mental, and brain health through life.

See Lab Founding Co-Director Christopher Bailey interviewed on Irish television below: 

Creative Brain Week 2024 was a Global Brain Health Institute innovation at Trinity College Dublin, supported by the Atlantic Institute, presented in association with the Lab.

4 March | Creative Brain Week 2024 Opening Session

Creative Brain Week 2024 opened on 4 March with a retrospective on 2023 and a look ahead, including the session Who is in the Room?, featuring Atlantic Fellows and the authors of the Lab–Lancet global series on the health benefits of the arts, with Dr Nisha Sajnani (Founding Co-Director, JAHL), Stephen Stapleton (Founding Co-Director, JAHL), and Jill Sonke (steering committee member, JAHL, and Director of National Impact and Research, One Nation/One Project).

Panel at Creative Brain Week 2024

5 March | Theme of Day: Attention

The Lab and Lancet authors hosted the panel discussion Collaboration and Connection, with Dr Nils Fietje (Founding Co-Director, JAHL), Nisha Sajnani  (Founding Co-Director, JAHL), Jill Sonke (steering committee member, JAHL, and Director of National Impact and Research, One Nation/One Project), Yazmany Arboleda (artist), Michael Tan Koon Boon (arts-health practitioner), and Martina de Wittte (postdoctoral researcher, University of Amsterdam).

6 March | Theme of Day: Connection

The day started with a welcome, which included a contribution from Dr Agustín Ibáñez (affiliated researcher, JAHL). Further conversations included delving into human attention with contributions from Susan Magsamen (steering committee member, JAHL).

7 March | Theme of Day: Love

On the last day of Creative Brain Week 2024, Christopher Bailey (Founding Co-Director, JAHL) spoke at the Made from Love session after a tour around Ireland for Creative Brain Week. By visiting local programmes where creativity and science combine for improved care, Christopher Bailey reflected on how local experience connects with global issues.


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Lab Co-Director Stephen Stapleton presenting the model of the Jameel Arts & Health Lab.

Jameel Arts & Health Lab Lancet Global Series on the Health Benefits of the Arts

Lab Co-Director Dr Nils Fietje addressing the Creative Brain Week 2024 audience.

Lab Co-Director Dr. Nisha Sajnani speaking at Creative Brain Week '24

Lab Co-Director Dr Nisha Sajnani at Creative Brain Week 2024.

Michael Tan Koon Boon speaking at Creative Brain Week 2024.

Lab Co-Director Nils Fietje & David Cotterell at Creative Brain Week 2024.



Christopher Bailey

Founding Co-director, Jameel Arts & Health Lab

20230309 WHO Sasha Chupryna MG 5758

Nils Fietje, PhD

Founding Co-Director, Jameel Arts & Health Lab

CH11413440 croppedcolourised

Nisha Sajnani, PhD

Founding Co-Director, Jameel Arts & Health Lab

Jill Sonke avatar

Jill Sonke, PhD

Director of Research Initiatives

Yazmany Arboleda The Peoples Artist for New York City

Yazmany Arboleda


Michael Tan Colour Michael Tan

Michael Tan Koon Boon

Arts-health practitioner

Martina 2023 Martina de Witte

Martina de Wittte

Postdoctoral researcher, University of Melbourne and University of Amsterdam

M C7355

Stephen Stapleton

Founding Co-Director, Jameel Arts & Health Lab


Dr Linda Doyle

Provost, Trinity College Dublin


Dominic Campbell

Co-Founder, Creative Aging International

PL vertical Pier Luigi Sacco

Pier Luigi Sacco

Professor of Economics

Susan Magsamen

Susan Magsamen

Executive Director, International Arts + Mind Lab, Center for Applied Neuroaesthetics

Headshot Agustin Ibanez

Agustin Ibáñez, PhD

Director of the Latin American Brain Health Institute

GMS Tessa Dance 2388bc

Tessa Brinza

Research Coordinator